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Communication Peace

Is miscommunication ruining your relationship? Does it sometimes seem like you and your partner are speaking different languages? Does every disagreement escalate to a fight? Do fights leave you doubting the relationship or threatening to leave? We can help.  Communication Peace offers a series of fun and interactive workshops (take one or several) designed to help you and your partner step off of the ledge that fighting has you teetering on, and get back on solid ground by using communication strategies that promote mutual respect and connection.

The Communication Peace Curriculum uses tools, strategies, and assessments from leading relationship and communication experts, packaged in a way that is accessible and enjoyable. Workshops can be taken as a series, or each one may stand alone. Workshops are offered in 1, 2, 4, and 8 hour increments, and are typically scheduled on weekends or evenings so that they are accessible and convenient for both partners. Couples who are dating, in long term relationships, married, or divorcing can all find a workshop that addresses their unique communication challenges.

*Private consultations also available if no workshops of interest are scheduled. Group rates available for groups of couples who would like to take the course together. We can even come to you! Call for details!

1 Hour Workshop – weeknight evening $25 per couple
2 hour workshop – weeknight evening or weekend morning $40 per couple
4 hour workshop – weekend morning $75 per couple
8 hour workshop – one 8 hour weekend day or two 4 hour weekend days $140 per couple
Private Consultations – scheduled at your convenience $100 per hour
Workshop titles include: Communication Peace, Communication Boot Camp, I can’t Believe S/he Said that?!?, How to Talk So Spouses Will Listen, and Listen So Spouses Will Talk, Conversation Starters, Relationship Rescue


Communication Peace Workshops are led by Allyson Prather, MFT, and Aisha Pope, LCSW