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Parenting Through Divorce
Things To Think About

Ending a relationship is never easy. Even when separation is best for both adults, dismantling a home can be terribly painful, especially when children are involved. Divorce inevitably creates a multitude of emotional and legal complications (for both adults and children). Physically separating from your partner may be painful, but eventually a day does dawn when you are on your own. Unfortunately, the emotional bonds connecting you to a former spouse or partner are often much harder to dissolve than the legal ones.      


 Is divorce or separation taking a toll in your life?

 Could you benefit from having someone neutral to help you and your former spouse come to agreements about what’s best for the two of you or your children?

 Would it help you or your children to talk to someone about how to cope with the changes that are happening in your lives?

 Would it be beneficial to speak with a marriage counselor about the possibility of reconciliation?

 Could you or your children benefit from a support group to talk to others in a similar situation about coping with the transitions in your lives?

 Would parenting classes or individual coaching sessions help you and your former spouse improve your co-parenting skills?

 Have you been ordered to see a custody evaluator to get a recommendation for child custody?


Roots & Wings Consulting offers a variety of services to help families during this difficult time. Whether you’re considering reconciling and would like to see a marriage therapist, find yourself or your children having more difficulty coping with the situation than you think is reasonable, are having trouble talking to your children about divorce, would like to take a parenting class for parenting through divorce, or would like (or have been court ordered) to see a professional to assist with custody recommendations, we can help.

For classes, groups, and workshops related to divorce click here for our calendar of upcoming events to find the one that’s right for you. If you are interested in counseling or a custody evaluation, email info@contactraw.com or call 619.737.7721 to request more information.

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