Coaching FAQ

What is a parent coach?
A parent coach is a person who works with parents to help them evaluate their parenting, decide for themselves what is and is not working, and make changes when necessary to be the type of parent they want to be. Roots & Wings parent coaches base their interventions on the principles of Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen which is rooted in Adlerian psychology. Positive Discipline focuses on helping children get what they want most in the world – a sense of belonging and significance, while helping parents get what they want most, which is respectful, responsible, resourceful children.
Who should be present for coaching sessions?
Coaching sessions are conducted in our offices or in your home with any person(s) who are involved in the care of your child and may benefit from being involved in coaching sessions. This includes parents, babysitters, nannies, grandparents, friends, and any other family members that spend a significant amount of time with your child.
What experience do Roots and Wings Consulting Parent Coaches have?
Roots & Wings parent coaches have completed the Positive Discipline training program. All of our coaches have years of experience working with children in the Positive Discipline way, and many of the coaches are licensed therapists and therapist interns working with children and families in a variety of inpatient, outpatient, and home based settings.Whenever you disagree, please share with us during the session. We are not experts on your children, you are, and therefore we need to work together as a team to help your family meet their goals. Please be confident that all coaches of Roots and Wings Consulting are open, and appreciate and invite feedback.
What if I disagree with the suggestions that the coaches make?
Whenever you disagree, please share with us during the session. We are not experts on your children, you are, and therefore we need to work together as a team to help your family meet their goals. Please be confident that all coaches of Roots and Wings Consulting are open, and appreciate and invite feedback. 
Where can we go to hear other parents’ experiences and get support?
Roots and Wings Consulting offers parenting classes and workshops in the community. Ask your coach or consult our website for more information on a class near you. No classes or workshops available when you want it? Call your friends and neighbors, and with a minimum of 10 registrants, we can offer the class at a time and location that works for your group!
What can we do if we think that we, or our children, need more intervention than coaching?
Roots and Wings Consulting offers individual, couples, and family therapy. We can also refer you for outside therapy, psychiatry services, and other community resources as needed. While the final decision on who to work with is always yours, we are able to provide you with referrals to providers who have knowledge of the Positive Discipline philosophy.
If we decide to get therapy in addition to coaching, why can’t our coach be our therapist?
In order to insure the integrity and quality of the services we provide to you, your coach cannot be your therapist. The therapeutic relationship is different than the coaching relationship, and you and/or your coach may find it difficult to switch back and forth between the two. This compromises the integrity of the coaching, and the integrity of the therapy. With your permission, however, we can work with your therapist to insure continuity of care.
What if I have questions between coaching sessions?
Our first recommendation between sessions would be to write down a list of the things you are struggling with, and in a calm moment, review your list and brainstorm by yourself or with support people; we find that often when you take a step back, you end up working it out on your own! If you still need help that cannot wait until the next session, we may be able to answer quick questions by email (1 time between sessions). If you need immediate assistance, however, you can request an additional session that week by phone or in person for a fee.
Do you offer any discounted rates or sliding scale fees?
We do not offer sliding scale fees for coaching, however we do offer several opportunities for you to get our services at a discounted rate!
1. If you prepay for 8 sessions of coaching, you can get a $100 discount.
2. If you refer a friend who commits to coaching, you can get $25 off of your services and they can get $25 off of their services.
3. If you sign up for a 7-week parenting class during coaching you can get $25 off of the registration to the class
**Sorry, these offers may not be combined.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, checks, and credit card payments in person. You may also make a payment by credit card on our website at through a secure third party site, PayPal. We are not able to accept health insurance for coaching services at this time. Please do not pay for any services before speaking with a parent consultant or therapist.
How much will parent coaching cost?
The costs depend on the number of sessions, the number of children, and the specific problems you are dealing with. Please consult our price sheet for specifics. Roots and Wings Consulting will never provide services without first discussing the price for those services with you, and having you sign a contract agreeing to the cost of the services.
How many sessions will we need?
Every family and every situation is different, and we will make specific recommendations after our intake assessment and observations of your family. After the intake interview and observation, we will ask for a 6 week commitment to start, with at least one 60 minute session per week. Our goal is to help you find your parenting strengths as soon as possible so that you and your family can move forward and work towards self sufficiency in implementing the interventions without the assistance of coaches. If you are already familiar with Positive Discipline, have been in coaching before, or have taken classes before, you may chose to do coaching sessions one at a time by phone or in person. Please note, Jane Nelsen offers coaching sessions in consultation with Roots & Wings that may be formatted differently.
What hours are you available?
We are very flexible and want to work with the schedule that fits your family’s needs. For example, if you are having major mealtime battles, you would be better served by having us around during those times than at bedtime. A schedule will be created that meets the needs of your family and will be evaluated weekly to adjust to changing needs and dynamics of your situation.
What if we have questions after we have graduated the program?
We are always happy to hear from families we have worked with, and can answer quick questions by phone or email. As part of our follow up plan, we also offer one free 20 minute telephone consultation within 30 days of completing the program. For additional telephone consultations, you may be charged a nominal fee. See the price sheet for details.